About us

Here’s a little introduction for those of you who don’t know us personally (and also for those we know). I am Sharon, married to Daniel. I am a stay-at-home mom raising our two little boys, a toddler and an infant. I just realized that being a parent has just changed all about me. That’s when this blog was born – to talk mostly about family. This blog is titled ‘Family Tree’ meaning that every family is supposed to be a living and life-giving unit. That’s my hope and desire for your family.

Daniel and I are married for 4 years. That means I am still figuring out all about wifehood and parenthood. There are days when our home is in order, the kids nap at set times and I have enough energy to read one more book with my toddler son. But there are other days when toys are strewn across the living room floor, I am too busy/lazy to prepare dinner, and I request my husband if we could eat out (and he always graciously agrees), the kitchen sink is full of dirty dishes and I wake up 5 times in the night settling my infant to sleep. Yes, there are many days just in between. Whatever the kind of day is, I am still learning to experience the joy and adventure in it, and that I don’t have to be in control of everything all the time, simply because I cannot!

My husband and I were raised in India. Currently, we live in the US for my husband’s temporary job assignment. Living in an intercultural context and relating to people from different cultures has not only gained us new friends, but also a new perspective of the world and its people. Also, moving back and forth to the US has taught us a lot about money and belongings. They are so temporary.

Well, I think that short introduction is enough for now. We will probably get to know each more as we journey together through this blog. Thank you for stopping by. I invite you to subscribe to the blog. It would be great to hear from you. You could contact us or leave a comment. Taking a few seconds of your precious time could give us just a little encouragement.

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