Welcome to my new blog!

When I recieved the thaali (a chain with a pendant that symbolizes the marriage covenant) around my neck from a man I had just met about two months ago, I knew life was going to change forever. My name, my home and my job weren’t going to be the same. I was going to be somone’s (hopefully) better half. We were going to share everything. I would be a wife! Four years since then, I am still not done figuring out what it all means. And I know this process is going to go on.

A couple of years later, when I walked into the hospital with my bulging baby bump, I didn’t realize my life was going to change again. I went back home three days later, but I had also officially become a mom. The doctor was right – a little human being had actually been growing inside me. My son, who first let me have the title ‘Mom’, is now 2 and a half years old. Just when I thought I probably had changed enough after taking on many new roles like teacher, cook, doctor, nurse, and cleaner, life was to change even more for me! I became the mother of another little boy, who is almost 9 months now. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say I am a different person now. After all, life is supposed to be sprinkled with changes, without which it would be dull.

Having two little boys to care for, I still felt like a young girl. But then, a few young wives started adressing me as ‘akka‘ (an affectionate Tamil word which translates ‘elder sister’). I was about to correct them saying I am probably as old as you are or even younger, so it might not be accurate to call me ‘akka’. That’s when I realized I am actually getting older, or to put it gracefully, maturing. The good news (for me) is I am still a young mother. But I have to admit that motherhood has taught me so much.

So, getting to the point, the purpose of this blog is to talk all about family – mine, yours, ours. In the coming days, I want to share my stories, encouragement and enlightening moments from being a wife and mom, and insights from others that have benefited me. I would love for you to share your wisdom, so we could learn from each other. I am so glad you stopped by my little corner. I hope to keep more posts coming. You could expect one new post every week. I invite you to subscribe to the blog, so we could keep in touch. You could read a little more about our family in the About section.


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