I’m Limited!

I finally came to this amazing realization that I cannot do everything. I want to be able to make healthy meals for my family, keep the house in perfect order, be on time for everything, spend quality time with my family while nourishing the little baby growing inside me… and get enough sleep for myself. Yes, that’s too much to expect, and I hate to hear it, but the truth is: I am limited. I don’t have infinite energy (some days, I wish I had at least half of that) or unlimited time. Even bending down to pick up toys with my pregnant belly isn’t as easy anymore. Of course, I am practicing some new techniques to get that done — like getting on the floor on all fours.

I do not like it that my mood and behavior have to be influenced by some surging hormones inside me. Or that I have to deal with a tantrum when I am least prepared for it. Or that sick days are a part of life.

Ok, this post is not all about complaining that I am not able to acheive everything. I don’t mean to undermine the potential that I do have. My point is, it is alright – and it is right – to admit that we need help. Sometimes, that doesn’t make me feel like Superwoman, but I am glad that knowing my limitations keeps me (and my family) sane. I am not the only one who has to do everything. Yeah, there are some things that only I can do – like loving on my family and being a friend. Other than that, pretty much everything can be done by someone else.

When my friend hosted a potluck party a few weeks back, she texted me saying I don’t have to bring any food. I took that pretty seriously and shamelessly walked empty-handed to the party. Instead of sweating an extra hour in the kitchen and ranting about all the things I have to get done, I just replied, “Thank you”. See, I am getting better at receiving help!Unity

Honestly, that one was easy. Sometimes, help isn’t the way I expect it. My husband offers to put away the toys (obviously, the kids’), but he doesn’t put them in the ‘right’ bins. I am learning to graciously accept help, even when it isn’t the way I would do it. The truth is, we all need each other, and it is even healthy to not restrict myself to my own view of life. Thank God for people. After all, I am limited, but we are stronger.


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