In This Journey Called Life

I had planned to blog about something else for this week, but then I thought of sharing about our present situation as a family. Here’s what’s going on. Our family has lived in the US for a few years now for my husband’s temporary job assignment. His current assignment ends in December, about two months from now.

So, what does that mean for us as a family? One thing that is almost certain – relocation. But, relocate to where? That’s the big question and we don’t know the answer. Many things are possible. He could end up in a new assignment in the same location or in a different location within the US or we might have to go back to India, because that’s where his employment is.

We are often asked what our preference would be. Do we want to live in the US or in India? Honestly, we don’t know. I haven’t really made a list of pros and cons, but there are things we like about the US. I can’t deny that life in the US is more comfortable. We do have many good friends here and the work schedule is usually better. On the other hand, the best thing about going back to India would be that we get to live close to our family members, and the grandparents would love the time with the little ones.

Of course, we do know that we will have to return to our home country some day, because we are on a temporary visa. That adds a totally different perspective to life, which I am grateful for. We usually think through many things before making a purchase. Is this something we would donate or discard when we leave the US or is this something we want to take with us to India? That way, most electronics would qualify as a long-term purchase. Is it worth the money for something that might not get used for too long? That’s one reason we decided not to spend much money on furniture.

Another example. Right now, our blender is close to the end of its life, and I am considering to replace it. But, we are waiting to know about our next move before I can buy one. If we leave the country in December, we can manage without a new one just for the few remaining weeks. Now, that’s just one of the simple decisions we need to wait for because we don’t know about our next move.

Have we been in a similar situation before? Yes!! For the very same reason, and in a very similar situation. But my response this time is a lot different. I am more relaxed and less stressed. I guess I just got used to being unsure of the next step. I used to nag my husband so much about this, though I knew it’s not his fault after all. But it’s just harder for me because I am the kind of person who wants to know and plan ahead, but my husband mostly takes things as they come. I have to say that life doesn’t always seem to fit into a planner. These days, I am learning to focus on my present step, instead of being so caught up by the next! I know what to do today, and for the rest of this week. For now, I am content with that. More than anything, I believe that God holds our future, and so I don’t have to be very worried.


To me, this situation is just another reminder that life is a big adventure, not a to-do list! I don’t have to know all the plans and details. Every step is an experience and each day is unique. Moreover, some planned events and a few surprises along the way seem to be a good combination.


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